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The Dealership

History of T&T Motors

The company promoter’s interest in the automobile business has its origin in the family owned Khybers Service Station – Peshawar, Pakistan in 1930. What started as a Service Facility for imported vehicles in pre-partition Peshawar, continued its legacy in post-partition India. Through successive milestones, the Talwar Group maintained its prestigious position amongst the fraternity of luxury vehicles and later on amongst mainstream brands as well.

Some Details of Talwar Group business: 


  • Established Corporate House in Delhi with expertise in sustaining relationships developed over more than 7 decades
  • Talbros Automotive Component Ltd., a Group company has completed 50 years in 2007
  • Business Category - Automobile Parts Manufacture, Supply & Export
  • Diverse business range - From Automobile components to Auto retail
  • Successive Dealership Business – The group has dealerships of some of the biggest automobile brands in India
  • All group companies have joint ventures/technical collaborations and have acquired the highest in quality certifications
  • Impressive Group Interaction: The Board of Directors interact on a regular basis with the management of group companies and are informed and participative.